At the Emory-Sage-Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) TREAT-AD center, our mission is to diversify the portfolio of drug targets in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Using a radically open approach to target validation, we aim to catalyze research into biological pathways that have been associated with disease from deep molecular profiling and bioinformatic evaluation of AD in the human brain within the National Institute on Aging (NIA) Accelerating Medicines Partnership-Alzheimer’s Disease (AMP-AD) consortium.  Many of these potential AD drug targets are predicted to reside among the thousands of human proteins that historically have received little attention and for which there are few reagents, such as quality-verified antibodies, cell lines, assays or chemical probes. To catalyze their investigation, we will develop and openly distribute experimental tools – including chemical probes – for broad use in the evaluation of a diverse set of novel AD targets.

Our open science approach is guided by a set of principles that foster openness and transparency. We believe open science can accelerate the discovery and development of new AD medicines. In order to invite the entire AD research community to participate in the investigation of novel targets, our center will:

  • Openly disseminate scientific results and data to the public as quickly as possible;
  • Openly share research materials, reagents, and tools (including chemical and biological probes) with the scientific community without restriction; and
  • Not claim intellectual property on any research outputs.

Research Sites and Participating Institutions

Logo for the Jackson Laboratory
Logo for Baylor College of Medicine

Center PIs/Core Leads

Name Role Affiliation
Allan Levey MPI, Admin/Data Core Emory University
Frank Longo MPI, Admin/Data Core Stanford University
Aled Edwards MPI, Admin/Data Core Structural Genomics Consortium and University of Toronto
Paul Brennan MPI, Struc Bio Core Lead Structural Genomics Consortium and University of Oxford
Haian Fu MPI, Assay Core Lead Emory University
Alison Axtman MPI, Med Chem Core Lead University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Greg Carter MPI, Bioinformatics Core Lead The Jackson Laboratory
Anna Greenwood MPI, Data Core Lead Sage Bionetworks
Emory-Sage-SGC Cores