Data, methods, and tools developed by the TREAT-AD centers are openly shared as they become available on the AD Knowledge Portal and Agora.

Discover and download Alzheimer’s Disease data, analyses, and tools from the National Institute on Aging’s Alzheimer’s Disease Translational Research Program, including the Accelerating Medicines Partnership in AD (AMP-AD) consortium.

View a list of new AD targets nominated by the AD community, view the rationale for why they were nominated, and explore multi-omic evidence from studies of human brains.

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TREAT-AD Target Portfolio and Progress Dashboard

The TREAT-AD centers are developing and disseminating tools that support target enabling packages (TEPs) for the experimental validation of novel, next generation therapeutic targets in AD. A TEP report may include a variety of TEP components to aid in chemical probe development, for example antibody characterization reports, protein constructs and expression methods, crystal structures, high-throughput screening results, assay protocols, structure activity relationship studies and more. 

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